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To People Who Identify As Women…

The best possible thing you can do for yourself is to become & STAY independent: both financially & emotionally.

Society has developed such that it represses us in every instance. It's built by and for people who have declared themselves superior. It isn't a fault of a girl born a girl. It's very much the fault of the world that doesn't deserve her.

Here, she is taught to behave and be a “good” girl, so she's thrust into a battle prepared to lose.

Listen, girl, you must teach yourself to be strong.

The world likes you weak so it can trample on your rights. They want you docile so you’ll remain a slave to the prejudices against you. They put chains of rules and restrictions around you lest you take a flight and reach heights you are so inclined to give a chance.

They want you to be silent so you don't speak against the atrocities and harm done against you. They will pay you less and have you prove yourself more often than the job requires you to. They load you with so much baggage that you're tired every second of your life.

They want you pretty, educated, earning a livelihood, and bear them a child or two. They expect you to sacrifice and always walk behind.


Toughen up. You might have support. But you’re responsible for yourself in the end. Even women may not understand you because we’ve been taught to be harsh upon our own kind.

Break the shackles, drop the baggage.

Take a stand. Earn your livelihood and rely on your mind. They want you to lean on them and trash you as & when they desire. There is no excuse for a man who chooses to treat the woman in his life as if she owes him something just because she is a woman.

You are a woman in a world meant to bury her. But you will bloom. You will rise. You cannot be stopped. You, dear woman, shall be your own hero. You work hard and make a bank balance so you don't have to ask even for a penny. You lead a dignified life & don't let anyone spew insults at you.

You have a right to exist even if this world is too dirty. You will survive and win. Be strong, my dears. Be independent. Money and emotions are both your weapons. Stay strong.

Be the torchbearer of your life.

With love,

Just Another Woman


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