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This is NOT my debut blog

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

I started blogging as a college sophomore over a decade ago (yep, I’m ancient). During those years, I obsessed with poetry. I was someone who had a hard time expressing herself. Also, not everything you think is to be said out loud – according to society. I chose to type out my feelings and ended up with hundreds of poems in numerous forms to my credit.

As much as I would like to deny it, misfortunes inspire an artist. Not as in “I love misfortunes.” But as, “I need a strand of hope, and maybe survive. So let’s art.”

Expectedly, I deleted my poetry blog and the other blog that followed. They served their purpose, and I couldn’t bring myself to update them as often as I needed to.

Come August 2022, I took the plunge yet again. This time, I want to blog primarily to help you. Hold on! I’m not here to give you advice of any sort. My blog is about spreading the joy of reading and helping you discover books. I strongly believe there’s a book to suit every individual’s taste. If you’re literate, there’s a book for you and subjects that interests you.

I’ve taken up the noble cause of bringing books to the forefront. Reading is essential for me, and if you think similarly, then we’re here to party!

Besides the occasional squeal-fest of my favorite books YOU MUST READ, I’ll blog about:

  • you guessed it, book recommendations (I read widely in ALL CATEGORIES: Middle-Grade, Young Adults, Adults)

  • book reviews (mostly reasonable, can be salty sometimes if a book breaks my heart)

  • recent reads (aka flaunting my prolific reading tastes)

  • an unabridged account of my writing journey with some tips thrown in here and there (my biggest tip, DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU’RE TOLD)

  • anything I want to write about (this is my blog; I KING) 👑

My taste in books is eclectic, and I strive to challenge myself to read out of my comfort zone. (NOTE: I don't imply I’ve achieved much so far 😅). To encourage you further, here are my top genres:

  • fantasy (more bloody, less lovey-dovey à la, GRACELING, PRIORY OF THE ORANGE TREE, NEVERMOOR)

  • cozy mysteries (there’s something relaxing about solving crimes—LOVE YOU SHERLOCK!—especially when there are no consequences whatsoever for failing to determine the criminal)

  • psychological thrillers (gimme your unreliable narrators aka Gillian Flynn style and morally gray characters with mind-boggling twists and gritty crime scenes straight from a Karin Slaughter novel)

  • memoir (especially by women and minority voices, think EDUCATED by Tara Westover or HUNGER by Roxane Gay)

  • philosophy (the ones that don’t preach, like SAPIENS by Yuval Noah Harari).

For the complete list of books I’ve read so far, visit my GOODREADS page. Add me as your friend if you want.

Loved what you read (aww! I ADORE YOU!), then check out all my links. Be a part of my book community. 😎 Subscribe to stay up-to-date with all the nerdy shenanigans! See you around. 💚


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