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5 Reasons Why You Should Start Journaling ASAP

Updated: Jan 14

I’m not saying this because I’m a huge fan of journaling, or maybe that’s the reason why. But my point is, YOU MUST START JOURNALING if you don’t already. Here are the five major reasons why you should maintain a journal.

more real

List Tasks: Do you go to sleep thinking of the hundred tasks you must do tomorrow? (Yes you do, I know!) Come morning, you’ve forgotten half of them and only groggily remember the rest. The solution, you guessed it! Write. Them. Down. In. A. Journal. You can do this using digital notepads as well, but I recommend using pen and paper. Feels realer that way and you also get a break from the constant screen glares inevitable in today’s world. I digressed… Oops. Anyways, what I mean is to use a journal to organize your life.

Save Time: As you journal about the things you have to do, you can pretty easily assign deadlines and reminders. It saves you loads of time and energy. You can make several journal spreads listing your actionable items and prioritize the ones you must get done before the rest. You wouldn’t have to sit and think of the things you need to take care of. Nor will you have difficulty getting things done on or before time.

Keep Track: You can track your habits, expenses, and anything that needs your constant attention in journals. Design your own spreads or take inspiration from other journalers (like me!). Keeping a tab of your daily activities goes a long way in helping you form long-term habits. It also establishes accountability so you can easily assess which of your habit needs more attention, which needs to go, how much you are spending and how you should budget your expenses, whether you are eating properly, sleeping enough, and so much more. Be your own boss!

Vent Out: Life isn’t easy. We have to go through the downs more often than the ups (that’s what I’ve observed so far). There are also thoughts, views, and actions of people that may hurt you; or maybe you are super angry, but can’t express it openly. The solution? Write it down in a journal. Tear those pages away later if you want to keep your secrets safe or use a password-protected journaling app. Take your pick, and vent freely. You can’t control everything in your life, but you can journal all you want. Needless to say, journaling is therapeutic as much as one of the best ways to organize your life.

Keep a Record: Note down the names of everyone you need to take revenge upon. HAHAHA. No, seriously. You can keep a record of just about anything and everything that matters to you. Be it your hard feelings, your dreams, your breakups, the lessons you learned from awful experiences, and so on. When you look back into your old journals, you may cringe a little. But seeing the way you grew and became the person you are today will make you proud (or maybe not). YET, journaling is still worth it.

What are you waiting for? Get that journal and start penning away. I’m also a rep for PaprWrld – an online stationery store with gorgeous journaling items that you would be unable to resist. You can use my code PARMITA15 for an instant 15% off on your order. Thank me later.

Happy Journaling!

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